Yarn: Grape Goodness

People who know me know how dangerous I can be in the kitchen, so I should tell you up front that no humans, equipment, or animals were harmed in my first foray into dyeing yarn.

There was, however, a cat who was quite possibly annoyed since I was ignoring her during the process.

Friday afternoon, relying on Kristi Porter’s “Dyed in the Wool” article on Knitty, I decided to jump into creating my own colors. I used one 3.5 oz. skein of Patons Classic Wool since it was easily available at my local craft store. (Sharp eyed readers will note the strawberry drink packets; I am entitled to change my mind on the colors.)

The dyeing itself proved remarkably easy.

The hard part was waiting for the yarn to dry. It started out in the shower, but finished here, which I thought was a much prettier picture than the inside of my shower. Can you tell I’m fond of purple?

By this morning it was dried and skeined. This shot is pretty accurate color-wise, although a Kodak EasyShare is not the best for close up pix. All in all, I’m very happy with the results.


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  1. Schizo

    Wow, same sewing machine and now I find you dye wool too! I also have the kodak easy shot.
    Mine has a place on the dial (it looks like a tulip) to specifically do close up shots. I do primitive rug hooking with wool fabric and yarn that I dye.
    Have fun!

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