GRRRR – Technical Difficulties

Ugh, I seem to be having some technical difficulties. I must have done something to my laptop that won’t let it connect to any networks at the moment, wi-fi or LANs.

So, I am using the public access computer at the Baddeck Public Library (bless those libraries). This means at the moment I can’t upload any photos and I am a bit rushed. I plan to work on my laptop tonight and see if I can fix it; if so (or even if not) I am determined to catch up with the blog by Monday evening.

I am well and having a great time. I’ve been to the Lismore Sheep Farm where the kind Gillian Crawford filled me in on their business and let me pet a sheep. Yesterday I was at the historic Sherbrooke Village where I participated in the Hands On History program and everyone was incredibly welcoming, informative, and friendly. Today I am on beautiful Cape Breton Island and plan to actually stay in one place for 4 1/2 days!

Pictures and details to follow (hopefully soon).



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2 responses to “GRRRR – Technical Difficulties

  1. Anonymous

    Hello, Ariadne! Your trip thus far sounds great! I’ll be checking in with you every day, so be sure to entertain me. After all, I am living vicariously through the lives of others.

    Be safe!

    Love, Anita

  2. Anita

    Hi, Ariadne!

    Your trip sounds wonderful so far! Continue to be safe and to update, since I’m living vicariously through the exciting lives of others.

    Any red plastic lobsters yet?

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