Catch Up Time

Well, I’m close to a week behind now and still having problems with my laptop. However, I will try to catch up. By saving my blog stuff onto a CDROM on my laptop and then using the public library’s Internet terminal, I can post to Blogger. So I don’t have one enormous posting, I’ll try to break it down into parts.

On Wednesday, July 4, I drove through Maine.

I saw trees. And a dead moose. You don’t want to see the dead moose, anyway.

More trees.

One mountain.

And even more trees. There’s a reason Maine has a pine branch and pine cone on the license plate.

Then I crossed into Canada. The border people ask if you are carrying anything besides your personal clothing. I bet they don’t get “a spinning wheel” as an answer too often.Stayed in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Wednesday night.


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