Back Roads

Tuesday morning I drove around a lot. I went up to Lake Ainslie to the weaver’s guild and craft school. It’s pretty quiet up there. I may have been the only visitor that day. Then I drove to Judique to the Celtic music centre. They had a neat exhibit and I picked up a couple of CDs in the gift shop. The music here is based on Scottish highland tradition, rather than the Irish I am more familiar with, but it is incredible. Then I wandered around a bit, drove up to Inverness and had “lunch” (Mom and Dad’s favorite vacation lunch), and eventually wound up back at Baddeck. Driving around is a good way to see things and it’s hard to get too lost if you stay on paved roads, since there aren’t that many of them except the highways. Tuesday afternoon I did laundry.

I’ve only been in Canada a week and I think the sound of my vowels is starting to change. Some Canadians really do say “aboat” for “about” and “eh?” [To my Canadian readers, this is not meant negatively– I’m from Indiana where far too many of us say “warsh” for “wash” and “ruff” for “roof.”] In addition, Cape Breton is a real mix of cultures and accents, with the Acadian and Gaelic influences.

Yesterday the weather was wonderful and I had a great, relaxing, fun day, but I haven’t uploaded the pictures from the camera yet, so that will have to wait until my next Internet stop.


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