Halifax and Beyond

Saturday I drove from Louisbourg to Halifax. Not much happened on the way. I did get one of those fountain Cokes I’d been missing. However, Canadians seem to have the same relationship with ice in soft drinks that the British do. As in avoid it. I asked for extra ice and still got less than we normally get at home. I find this interesting, since there’s not exactly a shortage of ice in Canada.

I stopped in Stewiacke for a break and gas, and a couple of signs caught my eye.

My favorite.

Then on to Halifax. Barrington Street, one of the main drags is narrow. And crammed with cars and people. Apparently I have a knack for this. The national hurling championship in Dublin, the Tall Ships Challenge in Halifax . . . Fortunately I had a reservation already this time.

Settled into the Halliburton House Hotel, then walked down to the harbor, It was wall to wall people. The sun was out and it was the warmest it’s been since I got here.

One for Jenny (note the flag).

Another boat.

The harbor.

Went to church this morning and now I’m in an Internet café downtown. I’m getting mouse shoulder and the sun has come out, so when I’m done here I’m off to get a cold Coke and wander around downtown a while. I’m leaving for Jeddore this evening for my week-long spinning workshop.

—breaking blogging news: – very cute guy from the Dutch Royal Navy tall ship Urania was just in here; one of the girls at the counter dropped part of her blender as she was chatting to him — heeheehee—-

I may or may not have Internet access at my workshop, so I may be off the radar for a bit. Besides, there are only so many pictures of my oh-so-coordinated self struggling to get the hang of spinning that you’d want to see. On the 21st I hope to be back online, however, so look for me then.


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  1. Anonymous

    Hi, Sarah!

    I am *totally loving* your blog–I’m finding that I…miss you…who’da thunk it?

    Opened my mailbox today to find two giant red lobsters staring their beady eyes at me. I just laughed out loud! Sarah Jean enjoyed the postcards, too.

    I printed out the picture of the gi-normous violin for Hannah. That would probably worth a trip to Nova Scotia for her to see it in person.

    Keep up the great work with your blog–you are creating a fabulous album of memories of your trip, and it’s a great way for the rest of us to experience your trip as well.

    Love you!

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