Lost in a Fog

Thursday morning I set out for Sydney, the largest town on Cape Breton Island. I was pretty excited – there are a couple of malls there. Now, those who know me know that I’m not exactly a shopaholic. However, I have discovered I am a suburban girl at heart. Although I’ve loved all the places I’ve visited, I am discovering a few things I miss:

  • Local weather radar
  • Instant Internet access
  • Bookstores
  • Fahrenheit measurement
  • Drive-thru Cokes
  • Of course I miss my family and friends. You didn’t think I’d forget you. And mycat.

All minor, of course. Well, except for the bookstores. 🙂

Anyway, after driving over Kelly’s Mountain (in the fog) and over the Seal Island bridge (don’t get me started on my bridge phobia), I made it to Sydney. The biggest thing in Sydney, perhaps literally, is the Ceilidh Fiddle. It stands outside the cruise ship pavilion on one of the waterfront areas. This is where the tourist centre is located, and where I got to post my last entries in peace and quiet.

The Big Fiddle.

After posting and wandering a while, I went to the Mayflower Mall. Here, when they say mayflower, they mean the literal flower, not the ship. I ate lunch at the food court (whoa, all the choices!) and browsed a real bookstore with fiction books (not a tourist gift shop with some books). However, I didn’t actually buy any books there. Have you ever noticed the difference between Canadian prices and American ones on a book? Plus, see above for a discussion of taxes. I decided to wait until I got to Halifax and some used bookstores or bigger selections before purchasing.

In more fog, I drove to Louisbourg. There was supposed to be a great view from my room, as I’m right on the harbor. Also, there was supposed to be the second oldest lighthouse in North America in the harbor. However, there was just more fog. Turns out Louisbourg is famous for it. A local lady in a gift shop also gave me a very detailed description of a hurricane they once had. By evening the wind had picked up and between that and walking inside a rain cloud, I have never been so cold in July (yes, even in England).

Thursday night I went to a show at the Louisbourg Playhouse. This was built by Disney over at the Fortress (more on the Fortress Friday) for a movie and donated and moved to town when finished. I can practically spit on it from my room. Not that I would, as I had a very nice experience there. There was a wonderful show called Lyrics and Laughter. Loved it. Six people in a group playing a bunch of different instruments (fiddle featured prominently) and doing comedy skits. Have I mention Cape Bretoners have some incredible musical abilities?


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