Spinning, Part II (Tuesday, July 17)

We started with more spinning practice in the morning. When you spin, you wind up with a single ply piece of yarn. This yarn usually is twisted too much to use on its own; if you do, it continues to twist upon itself and you wind up with strangely shaped knitting. Over-twisting is especially a problem for beginner spinners. So you ply two or more single strands together to get yarn. When you spin singles you usually spin in a clockwise direction. When you ply, you usually spin the two strands together in a counter-clockwise direction.

My yarn was still slubby, but I thought I was getting the idea of what I was supposed to do, even if my hands and feet didn’t always translate the idea from my brain. There really is no substitute for practice when it comes to spinning.

Tuesday was the nicest, warmest, sunniest day of my trip so far. Since rain was predicted from Wednesday night through the weekend (plenty of spinning practice time then), we decided to take a break and enjoy the weather. We went to East Chezzetcook to the beach. We took a walk along the shore – mostly rocks, rather than sand.

Spit at Lower East Chezzetcook. (That’s a caption, not an imperative sentence).

At the top of a windblown hill, we found an inukshuk.

We sat at the top of the hill for a while.

Paula is quite the rockhound and found a rock shaped like a black sheep.

After East Chezzetcook, we went to Martinique Beach. Although the sun was out, it was chilly enough in the ocean breeze to need a jacket.

Warm jacket, but bare feet in the water.

We got back to the house quite late and had a yummy supper. So far we’ve been served pita bread pizza, multigrain pancakes with strawberries, fresh mussels, salmon salad, and a whole bunch of other good stuff. Leslie is quite a cook! After supper we plied the yarn we had spun in the morning – I felt like there was an itty bitty improvement in my work. Again, spinning takes practice, practice, practice.

A mix of wools, including green dyed wool.


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