Thursday and Friday

Thursday and Friday were cloudy and rainy, so we did a lot of spinning.

Paula at the wheel.

Tuesday morning I had moved to my own wheel from Leslie’s. Here I am plying yarn.

We spun mostly New Zealand wool mixed with some merino or synthetic fibers.

The results of Thursday. Far from perfect, but a definite improvement over Monday. The far right is wool mixed with tiny portions of synthetic, then plied with yellow cotton).

Thursday was Paula’s birthday. A neighbor of Leslie’s brought us fresh scallops for supper right out of Jeddore Harbor that afternoon.

Leslie made Paula a birthday pie – strawberry!

Leslie’s wood burning stove. During the summer she mostly uses the electric one to the right.

Friday it was more spinning practice. And it was mostly harder to spin stuff! Leslie is good about pushing you just as much as you need. For instance, I don’t think I will ever be friends with hand carders, but I’ve been taught to use them in spite of myself, which is a good thing. Although I’ll probably spin mostly from roving (fiber purchased ready to spin), it is always good to know more about how the fiber gets that way and to be able to prepare it if need be.

We spun mohair (some major regression in quality of spinning there), merino wool, and dog hair! Finally, I spun a single of Dorset roving I had purchased at Lismore Farm. I only had time to spin half of it before my back and supper told me it was time to quit for the day. I plan to spin the other half as practice this coming week.

I love the color of the Dorset. It’s brown/black, depending on the light, with bits of gray. I also love the crimp (springy-ness) of it.


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