Back Home Again in Indiana

I made it back!

5418 miles later

Sunday afternoon (July 29) after church I drove along the Marine Drive to Jeddore. It was foggy, but still beautiful and interesting.

Did I say interesting? Looming through the fog . . . the moose statue in Cow Bay.

Sunday night through Thursday (August 2), I stayed at the Jonah By the Sea B&B and spent the day with Leslie spinning. The B&B is run by Dora and Bill Jonah and I had a quiet, welcoming, and pretty room at the front of the house, with a view of Jeddore Rock. Dora’s breakfasts were amazing, and Dora and Bill were very friendly. Bill even knew of the Indiana Hoosiers basketball team!

One day I walked the mile or so to Leslie’s from the B&B so I could take some pictures of my “commute” along West Jeddore Road.

There’s not much you can add about scenery this gorgeous.

This is from the walk back. Past the boat you can see Jeddore Rock at the mouth of Jeddore Harbor.

I’ve gotten everything hauled in from the car, and mostly in piles if not put away. The car needs another oil change and inside-and-out car wash! It’s got Cape Breton mud inside, and miles and miles of interstate bugs and dust on the outside.

The cat followed me around meowing the first afternoon. I guess she missed me! I met friends for lunch yesterday and I’m back to work today (now, that was poor planning on my part, since all I want to do is sleep and spin for a while).

I need to type up a narrative report for the grant foundation, and as I mentioned earlier, I want to muse a little on the whole experience. That will have to wait until at least the weekend though!

Many, many thanks to all who left comments – even if I didn’t get back to you I really appreciated them. I plan to keep the blog going, even if I won’t be having quite as exciting adventures in the days ahead. I also hope to post more of my pictures soon in albums on flickr for those who are gluttons for vacation photos.


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