Stealth Knitting

Lots of stealth knitting going on now as we come into the pre-holiday knitting season. I’m still spinning but for some reason I’m really motivated to knit right now so I’m taking advantage of that feeling to get a jump on Christmas gifts.

I absolutely love the colors in this mystery object:

A unstealthy (is that a word?) finished object:

Scarf from my handspun Ashford wool top. Modeled by Bear. Bear normally lives in my memories cedar chest, but I thought she would be the perfect model. She’s been around since I was in the single digits age-wise (my mom – a very talented seamstress – made her).

I believe the official name for this colorway is “Thunderstorm,” but I’m going to call this the “Nova Scotia Summer” scarf. The colors remind me of my trip — green for the foliage, orange for the sunrise, red for the dirt roads, and of course blue. Blue for the sky and the sea. Since it’s all wool and very bulky yarn, it should keep me toasty warm during outdoor duties at school in the Indiana winter.

I have three other finished objects, but they are stealth projects, so no pix.

Lady Jane is not impressed.



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2 responses to “Stealth Knitting

  1. Paula

    Lady Jane may not be impressed but Bear looks very pleased indeed. And so she should because the scarf is a beauty.

  2. Leslie

    Hey, you fooled ME! I thought you were a seasoned and confident traveller, with scads of experience.

    Nice to see a picture of L.J. of whom I heard a lot in July.

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