Stealth Knitting Revealed

Well, I started gift knitting over the summer, which was a good thing, given what my autumn turned out to be like. If you are interested in that stuff, you can go to my flickr photoset here and check out what was involved. The photos are completely lacking in creative arrangement, but most are clear and fairly accurate in color representation.

Gift knit bowl (felted).

My co-conspirator in spinning this past summer, Paula, has a son living in Beijing. She recently posted a link to his blog, which includes a very scary video of a Beijing bike ride, and also this post about his cute new humidifier. In the same vein, since my house has been so dry I’ve been generating sparks each time I touch metal or the cat, behold the penguin:

The vapor comes out his beak.

Lady Jane: “I’m not going near that!”

Well, there’s this spinning wheel in my living room I haven’t touched in months; I hope to make use of it today, and so have more fiber photos soon.


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