Loud, Cold, and Not My Favorite Yarn

So, for Christmas I got a dock/stereo system for my iPod. Thank you, Uncle Alan! I love it; it’s great for listening to tunes and audiobooks without the ear buds. However . . .

I was away in dreamland the other night when I was awakened about 11:30 by a loud female British voice from the living room. Somehow the thing had turned itself on and picked up in the middle of my audiobook.

The cat was on the bed with me, so I know she didn’t touch it.


Today and tomorrow, I’m attending the I.C.E. conference at the Convention Center in Indy. I went to a really interesting workshop on using iPods (for the classroom, not just for fun).

ICE, ICE, baby.

This conference is appropriately named. I go to I.C.E. almost every year and almost every year it is freezing. Today was no exception: 2F (-16.6 C) for a low.
Fortunately there are “gerbil tubes” (skyways) connecting things.

Not my favorite yarn

A friend is paying me to knit a scarf for her aunt. I’m happy to do it, since I like her — the friend; I don’t know the aunt. Even though you can never charge enough for the time you put in to make knitting for pay worthwhile, I consider this more of a favor than a money-making enterprise. Anyway, she already had the yarn for the scarf she wanted and now I know why everyone gripes about using novelty yarns. It’s a slick eyelash and boy, is it hard to see the stitches. Fortunately, it’s a garter stitch and I’m halfway finished, so it’s no big deal, but I don’t see myself knitting a lot more of these.
Love the color and the finished effect, though.

At least the sun is out and it’s warm inside! And two episodes of Chuck are on tonight (embrace your inner nerd). Couch potato time.


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