She Likes It! Hey Mikey!

If you recognize the title (slightly amended) of this post, you so grew up in the 70s.

My sister does like her new hat. It is either “awesome” or “so cool.” I forget which she said, but there was definite approval there. Now she is bummed because Salt Lake City is undergoing a warming trend and she can’t wear it.

Finished Objects:

Baby Sweater from April 2008 Knit ‘N Style, page 70.

Scrambled Eggs Blanket (the color and texture remind me of scrambled eggs).

Finished Books:

  • Double Shot by Diane Mott Davidson — a Goldy Bear catering mystery
  • How Come They Always Had the Battles in the National Parks? by Peter Bales — a laugh-out-loud history of the US up through the Civil War. The humor is a little crude in places and the author has some definite political opinions, but overall just the thing for history nerds like myself.

Lady Jane has found a new place to perch:

I’ll probably be absent from blogland for a few days, since I am having this surgery on Thursday morning. Looks like I’ll have a cool scar and a black eye for a while.

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