Things It’s Good To Know

First of all, when your doctor is going to do surgery on your eye, he comes into the prep room and writes above the correct eye on your forehead.

Look closely, it says “yes.”

This eye surgery doesn’t really hurt all that much, but when they say not to touch your eye it sure starts to itch.

When kids send you get well cards, they are often cute, sometimes funny, and always entertaining.
Get well, or we’ll send you into space?
The sign on the right says
“Reading Park.” The one on the left says
“biogerfee.” Creative spelling!

Again with the spelling, but they are only second graders.

When you go back to work after two months off, it’s good to be prepared for anything. Including:
  • Sending a fifth grader back to the teacher for misbehaving during the very first class you see.
  • Taking a first grader to the counselor because she’s crying about family problems.
  • A second grader left late after school and telling you cheerfully that it’s not the first time her mom’s been late.
  • Finding three, count ’em, three library books have been chewed by dogs while you were gone and two were lost in a fire. [I don’t think we’ve lost that many to dogs in the last three years].
  • Walking into the cafeteria and having a group of kids repeat “It’s her!” like you’re a movie star, just because they’ve missed you.
  • Having a second grader accost you and say “You know that book I checked out two days ago?”
  • Wanting to reply to the second grader, “No, my ESP is apparently not working.”
  • Many, many hugs from students and staff.
  • A great welcome-back banner signed by many, many students and staff.
And finally, be prepared for unexpected gifts.

This card is supposed to be an Easter egg.

Inside it says, with exact spelling and punctuation:
“Dear [my name] I am so eggsited your back your freind [student’s name]
P.S. happy Ester
P.S.S We all mised you
P.S.S.S. I like Applesauce”
Up next, a big finished object and also finished books.

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  1. Paula

    Welcome back! Your whole school sure missed you. That P.S.S.S. cracked me up.

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