What I’ve Been Up to Since May 10

No, the mess in the office didn’t bury me, it just felt like it. May is always a crazy busy time in a school. This year was added the fact that I am moving books and opening a new library in another building. So we had to be packed and ready to leave a day or two after school was out. Boxes of books — one reason I had not planned to move for quite a while after buying a house. Well, I’m not moving house and I’m still packing books!

I finished spinning the Blue Faced Leicester and with it added to the alpaca I’d spun I think I have enough for a sweater. I’ve started on it; pictures when I’ve made some headway.

I finished a lace table topper for my assistant who retired at the end of May. Here it is blocking.

I dyed some wool — the picture’s fuzzy but the color’s pretty true.

And in an unusal (for me) departure into other realms of textile arts, I’ve been working towards quilting. More on that soon.


We’ve also been dodging tornadoes, storms, and floods for the last two weeks. There’s another one rolling in now, wouldn’t you know.


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One response to “What I’ve Been Up to Since May 10

  1. Paula

    Way to go! Not even a year since you learned to spin and now you have enough for a sweater. Me? Still no wheel but maybe soon.

    Quilting, huh? That and weaving fall into the “I’m afraid to try it because I might like it” category. A category which also used to include spinning. Silly when you really think about it.

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