Boxes of Books

Well, I’m into the new library and during the last week I’ve unpacked and checked in 80 boxes of new books.

I’ve still got the processing to do on these, plus the boxes of books being transferred from other schools. By the time I unpacked the 80th box, I was actually tired of handling books, something that is very rare for me.

Return to work has brought my quilting to a screeching halt. However, before the books came in, I had a sort of assembly line thing going.

I set up the squares, aligned and ready to go.

Yes, my machine is a ca. 1970 Singer Touch and Sew Model 648. It was my mum’s when I was a kid and therefore the one I learned to sew on. I like its simplicity and durability.

Anyway, I next sew two squares together, over and over, without stopping to cut the threads, which would slow me way down.

After I have a string of these, I cut and trim the threads.

Pressing the double squares open, I get these . . .

Which I then join to get these four-square blocks.

I did get all the four-square blocks finished, now I “just” have to sew them together to make the quilt top, baste the sandwich of top, batting, and backing, and finally quilt and bind it.

This will probably wait a while, though. The quilting seems like a “big project” which requires chunks of time and dragging out the sewing machine. On the other hand, my knitting is a pick-up-and-go-anytime type of thing, so I will probably be doing more of that until I get another chunk of time. (The first quilt I made took 10 years of pulling out and putting away before I finished it.)



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3 responses to “Boxes of Books

  1. Paula

    So once the books are put away and processed have you got some summer vacation travel planned?

  2. Anonymous

    The quilt looks nice. Do you have a quilting frame? If not, you might could use one of ours….

    Sarai the Second

  3. Schizo

    I also have a Singer Touch and Sew 648. had mine for ~ 30 years now. Think I can find the manual, NOPE!
    Anyway i have spent the last two days trying to getting it running again. Was working fine and then just seemed to jam. No idea why. I always liked it as the machine stitches anything and runs so well.
    Enjoy yours!

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