Tour de Niece, Tour de Fleece

So my nieces were staying with Grandma and Grandpa this past week, prompting a visit to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum, one of the coolest places in town (whether you’re a kid or not).

There’s the 1917 carousel that I rode as a kid.


Science Works, where you can get wet.


A race car where you can pretend to be the next Danica Patrick (or Sarah Fisher).

A really cool climbing wall which Niece the Younger termed “Mt. Everest.”


And my favorite, Dale Chihuly’s Fireworks of Glass.


You can go to the lower level beneath the sculpture and look up at a “kaleidescope.”


So now the nieces are back in Iowa and Aunt Ariadne is on to the Tour de Fleece.

My goal is to finish spinning this bag of wool I bought back in April. It is a wonderful color (close in the second picture, although it’s almost impossible to get an accurate color with my camera). But it is very course and so doesn’t draft extremely easily and “wants” to be spun thinly, so it’s taking a while. If I spin about an hour a day surely I’ll have it done by July 27?



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