Today’s Post Brought to You by the Color Orange

As in the view from my front porch today.











As in a very bright car spotted whilst running errands.









As in the overall impression of the yarn I’ve been spinning from the “cotton candy” wool I got in April.









In reality it is a combo of yellow, pink, and a smidgeon of green.  In addition, it comes in a never-ending bag.








Orange is also the color of pumpkins rolling down the hallways yesterday at school, in a fit of lunacy cleverly diguised as a math lesson of some kind. 

Speaking of school, I’ve had some interesting conversations with the young ‘uns lately.  When I adjusted one of our special needs student’s paper to accomodate his level of ability, he says to me:  “You’re like a fairy godmother!”  One just doesn’t get that phrase tossed around in adult chatter these days.

Another conversation:

4th grader:  Ms. Ariadne, what’s inside a fire extinguisher?

Me:  I don’t know . . . chemicals of some kind.

4th grader:  Then terrorists could use them as weapons.

Me (Wanting to move on from this conversation): Good thing there aren’t any around here then.

4th grader:  Nuh-huh, there’s one right over there . . . . . . oh, you mean terrorists.


I’ve been knitting away, but it’s mostly stealth stuff, so no pictures today.


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