The Elves Have Been Busy

Thanksgiving has come and gone. 

















 It was interesting.  My cousin, who is in her first semester at university, brought her new boyfriend.  The power went out about 20 minutes before we ate.  We went ahead since everything was done except the broccoli and mashed potatoes.  My mom’s new kitchen was a huge success.  And the traditional Wright family game of Taboo was played.  Although my younger cousins clammored for a “modern” version.  What are they talking about — this one came out in the early 90s!  That’s modern, right?  I can’t help it if they’ve never heard of certain pop culture icons.


 Now, it’s December.   The tree is up.












Elton John’s singing Step Into Christmas on the radio.

There’s snow on the ground.  If we’re lucky we’ll hit 20 degrees (F) today.

The kids have already started to bounce off the walls at school.

And the elves have been busy:




Picture frame for a friend.






 A scarf for the daughter of a friend.






Christmas shrugs for the nieces.  They’re to be posted tomorrow so they can get them in time for to wear for the season, there in the wilds of Dubuque.





Extra scarf in case I need a last minute gift.





And a lot of other things that must remain stealth until certain nosy readers of the blog receive them.


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One response to “The Elves Have Been Busy

  1. Jenny

    stop calling me nosy. And happy birthday! jw

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