Christmas is the Time for Fruitcakes

And not all of them are the edible type, if you know what I mean.  In the spirit of the season I have composed the following dogerell.

‘Twas the week before Christmasdec-15-0034
And all through the school
Students played a new game:
“Let’s break every rule.”

They didn’t set out
To be such a pain.
But Christmas, you see,
Short-circuits the brain.

They just cannot manage
To stay at their desks.
And you want to do what . . .
Give standardized tests?!

The weather outside
Is twenty degrees.
They’re still wearing shorts;
Do they care if they freeze?

But they don’t really need
Appropriate dress.
They give teachers nightmares
With indoor recess.

The lunchroom we finddec-15-0023
Is all in uproar.
Spilled milk, yelling kids,
A candy cane store.

A really good girl
Falls out of her chair
And another one jumps
And spins in midair.

The hallways are decked
With ribbon and holly.
Kids bouncing off walls
Don’t make teachers jolly.

Only a week,
Then a deep breath we’ll take,
Wave goodbye to them all
And say “Have a good break!”



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