Confession Time, Eh?

Not that this will make my nerd quotient go down any. 

Okay, I have become somewhat hooked on the show Flashpoint.  Mainly because I have a thing about Canada (they gave us hockey, after all, and are the second biggest country on earth).  I think Canadian men make great eye candy.  For example, Paul Gross, David James Elliot, the five RCMP I saw on the Halifax waterfront in full dress uniform.  [NOT Howie Mandell, Jim Carey, or Mike Myers, although they’re Canadian too.]  Flashpoint is no exception: David Paetkau is hot, Mark Taylor is exotic looking (think Tiger Woods), Sergio Di Zio is cute, and Enrico Colantoni is even attractive in a cuddly teddy bear sort of way.  Hugh Dillon doesn’t do much for me, but he’s pretty famous in Canada for headlining a 90’s hard rock band.

Where was I? . . . Oh, anyway, I got hooked on this show.  My sister and I were discussing the irony of a SWAT-team type show set in a country where the gun laws are so strict, but I like it.  So I go to CTV and I’m excited because it has full episodes to stream.  I’m thinking I can catch up on the first season episodes I missed, right?  Wrong.  You can only stream them if you’re in Canada.  If you’re here you have to shell out two bucks a pop on iTunes.  And even then you can’t burn them to DVD but have to watch on the computer.

Back in the US, Back to School

Last week was interesting.  The first week back after a break always seems to last forever, even if you’re glad to be back.  The good news is we have a pretty new circulation desk.












The bad news is the head custodian was replaced overnight and we have a partially installed new desk, with the rest on hold for now.

Actual Knitting Content

My sister was in town from January 1 to January 5, so I gave her mittens.









And unfelted Fiber Trends slippers.








The theory was we could felt them to fit her and still have time for them to dry before she returned to SLC.  It worked!

 Hmm, I guess my mother now knows she was sitting on Mom’s new granite-topped kitchen island.



I realize it’s been a long time since I’ve blogged any book recommendations, so hopefully that’s up soon.


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  1. Jenny

    Well, my fascination with the show is purely because I like the show, nothing related to Canada. However, I was super excited last week when the entire show took place at the Fairmont Royal York, where I stayed a couple years ago for a medical conference. It has been unseasonably warm here so I haven’t had a chance to try out the knitted goodies yet.

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