To Be or Not To Be . . .

Grumpy, or happy, that is.

Grumpy:  We had a foot of snow in the last 2 days and they cancelled my conference and workshops for today and tomorrow.   

Happy:  We had a foot of snow in the last 2 days and therefore today is a snow day.

Grumpy:   I haven’t been online much in the last two weeks because I suddenly had to buy $35,000 of new books for the library ASAP.  (This is a somewhat time-consuming task.)

Happy:  In this economic climate, I had $35,000 to spend on new books.

Grumpy:  I spent my Christmas money from my grandmother.

Happy:  I used it for a set of Denise interchangeable needles.  I love them!  I know there is some criticism out there in the reviews, but I love them.  I love the interchangeable lengths of the cables, all the sizes from US 5 to US 15, and short cables are included.  It’s all there in one handy place for whatever I need when I need it!


Yes, I know the photos are blurry; deal with it.




Grumpy:  I’ve been wrestling with the computer today. Including this stupid formatting.
Happy:  I’ve figured out how to create a gallery here (see sidebar for 2009 Finished Objects).

Grumpy:  I don’t know, cabin fever, I guess. They’ve (logically and safely)cancelled Bible study tonight.

Happy:  Psalm 118:24.  That pretty much trumps all the grumpiness, huh?



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2 responses to “To Be or Not To Be . . .

  1. Hey Grumpy! Excellent use of your Christmas money. I have a set of Denise needles that are more than 30 years old. I bought some extra long cables and they are just the ticket for working Cat Bordhi’s moebius things.

  2. Hi Sarah.
    I sent you an email to school and I got arrested for being spam…ha ha.
    The message was: on Feb. 14, you could check out, which is a very nicely done site, to see The Spinner’s Loft featured among other Workshops!

    I envy all that reading!! Can you knit and read? my mother could; I won’t try it. Just movies and talking books for winter production…


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