It’s Not Just a Job . . .

You never know what you’ll hear around school.  For example, in the last week the following were overheard or directed to me. 

  • “Attention . . . (long pause) female (long pause) . . . staff members.  Please join us for breakfast in the cafeteria.” [Assistant principal on the PA, on Valentine’s Day, when the male staff prepared all of us breakfast — thanks guys!]
  • “Don’t eat the yellow snow.” [Fourth grade boy while working on a library project, completely unrelated to snow or . . . er . . .  yellowness.]
  • “I was exampling a commercial.” [Fourth grade boy when asked not to sing in the library.]
  • “Look — a snowman was murdered!” [Fourth grade boy passing student work falling off a bulletin board in the hall.]
  • “My homework blew away in the lake.” [Boy to another boy getting off the bus.]
  • “Do you have any books on the psychology of the male mind?” [Fourth grade girl — perhaps she’s been hearing the same stuff I have.]

My Sister . . .

donated a kidney last week.  Yep.  No, not to anyone I know.  She’s on staff at a hospital where they do lots of transplants.  A child got it, which made her happy. 

And now she should now have a hat to match her new coat, when she finally gets out again after recovering.


Andean Alpaca

A year or two ago a co-worker went to Ecuador and Peru over Christmas break.  I asked her to bring me back some yarn.  She brought me some hand-spun, hand-dyed alpaca.  I finally got around to making something of it, a cowl/hood to be exact.  Bear models it worn as a cowl:


I model the hood.  (I hate this photo but it’s hard to take a good one of yourself with the bathroom mirror, hence the big chin.  Also I seem to have physically turned in to my mother, something that would have mortified me at thirteen but doesn’t seem so bad now.)




I love the yarn and the pattern.  I think it turned out pretty well and it’s always nice to have something made with special yarn.

Back to work tomorrow.  Six weeks till spring break.


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