Artist Showcase

On July 7, I got to demonstrate spinning as an “artist showcase” at the public library, whose summer reading theme is “Be Creative At Your Library.”

I spun for about two hours.


I showed off some of my work — a lot of felted and other stuff I had around, and some stuff I whipped up quickly since I tend to give a lot of my work away.


My mum dropped by and examined my work — mums are good at that and at lending support!


There were visitors of all ages (that’s my 89 year old grandmother).


My friend Lacy managed to escape the photos but brought me iced coffee (I’m always grateful to Coffee Girl).  Several students came by, most scooting past like they didn’t know the crazy spinning lady, to my great amusement.  And of course I got to interact with members of the community and introduce them to the spinning process.  It was a lot of work to arrange but well worth it!


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  1. Well, look how far you have come in two years! Well done.

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