“Why weren’t you here today?”

The above question from a fourth grader as I entered school at 3:45 for a co-worker’s baby shower.

The answer:  my poor kitty needed a trip to the vet.  Lesson learned:  It is a *really* good thing I don’t have human kids.  Sure, the official reason is that they are demanding, expensive, energy-draining, inhibit travel and spontaneity, and I have enough children already at school.  This is all still true.  But I think we have also seen that, based on the worry level induced by a sick animal, if I had a real human being to be responsible for keeping alive I would be a nervous wreck.


Fortunately, all will soon be well thanks to a good vet and some nice antibiotics.

The day off also (fortuitously) enabled me to finish the gift for said baby shower.  The co-worker is going with cloth diapers.  As another co-worker said (and I think it’s an advertising tagline), “These aren’t your mother’s cloth diapers.”  Here’s how they work these days.

So, what better gift than . . .


the traditional “soaker” / diaper cover.  Items finished and photo taken 5 minutes before I had to leave for the shower.


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