Family Fun

My sister arrived in town late Thursday night for a weekend visit.  Last night after work I went to my parents’ (where she’s staying) for dinner.  Much hilarity ensued, especially when my mother suggested that Jenny and I might enjoy baking a coffee cake together ahead of time for brunch this morning.  My lack of skills or motivation in the kitchen are legendary.  Or, to quote my sister to my mother, “You have met your daughter, right?”  Jenny’s definitely the foodie, and is very good at it.

Despite a mysterious accident with peppermint extract (not included in the cake and having nothing to do with me), I was graciously allowed to be her assistant, told to chop walnuts with a very sharp knife, and will admit the cake smelled delicious when it was done.  My brother and his family arrived later in the evening but by then my brain and camera operating skills were on the blink.  At that point no one was letting me near the sharp knives either.

In Biggest Loser news, I lost four pounds as of the weigh-in yesterday.  I love carrots.


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  1. Four pounds! Way to go, carrots!

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