Mysterious Sightings — Photographic Evidence

See that?


That’s actually sunshine, folks.  It’s been a pretty rare sight around here lately.

Cat in sunshine

The resident feline is pretty enamored of it too.

Another rare sight lately:

Finished knitted objects.  This is a jacket for a co-worker’s new baby.  With the craziness going on at work, new exercise routine (seven pounds lost so far!) and life in general, knitting has kind of fallen behind.

Part of the craziness is that our state has decided that it can’t afford to pay to educate its children.  Therefore it will simply stop paying for school personnel.  Those of us still with jobs will just have to do the jobs of those let go.  My assistant is one of those.  Therefore, while she will have no job next year, I will be doing two.  All while the politicians complain what a horrible state education is in and tell us to test the kids more in order to fix it.  What a nightmare.

I’ll get off my soapbox now.  It’s Hockey Night in Canada, so I’m going to go watch NHL Network and knit to my heart’s content.  I need to work on the socks I promised my sister for (ahem) Christmas.


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