The Great Sock Slogathon

My sister wanted some dark brown socks for Christmas.  So I promised to knit her some.  This should be a pleasure, since she is my favorite sister (hee hee) and I like knitting socks.

All she had to do was pick out a pattern and measure her feet.  All I had to do was knit.

She picked Cathedral from

I am making it in Cascade Heritage and for some reason the pattern in this yarn is taking forever to finish.  It’s not that difficult, it’s just that something seems to be interfering with my knitting mojo.  This is still only the first sock.  I don’t know what is making it go so slowly, but Jen might get her Christmas socks by March, if she’s lucky!

This despite the fact that today is perfect stay-home-and-knit weather (6 inches of snow yesterday and overnight).

Finally, a shout out to the boys in blue: Top Five Reason the Colts Should Win Tomorrow:

  1. Strike a blow for the English language (what kind of slogan is “who dat”?!).
  2. Their Books for Youth program is great.
  3. The oldest guy ever to play in the Super Bowl is my age.
  4. As a born and bred Hoosier, who else could I root for?
  5. Peyton and his gang ROCK!


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2 responses to “The Great Sock Slogathon

  1. Heh. If it was my sister she would have got two repeats before the heel and that’s it! Maybe foot ball will make it go faster.

  2. Jenny

    I was wondering about those socks this morning as I put on my old dark brown socks with too many holes in them!

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