Top Ten Reasons Hockey Is Better Than Football

10.  Little chance opposing teams will use underhanded voodoo spells to win.*
9.  Many more games per season and per playoffs, leading to less hype and less crushing disappointment due to one specific loss.**
8.  Skates make you taller.
7.  Girls play too.≈
6.  Twins make a great secret weapon.
5.  It’s truly an international game, unlike American football.
4.  Knowing the Canadian national anthem was cool, when most of my elementary school classmates didn’t realize the country of Canada existed.†
3.  1980’s Miracle on Ice.
2.  The Stanley Cup is older than the Super Bowl and the World Series. ‡
1.  It’s in the Olympics.  They start Friday, baby!!

What Would Be the Fine Print Section If wordpress Allowed You To Change Font Size (In Other Words Why You Shouldn’t Send Me Angry E-Mails):

*No, I don’t really believe in voodoo.
**We still love you, Colts!
≈Yes, I know some girls play football, but one estimate says over 65,000 girls play hockey in the US alone, and it has to be higher than that in Canada.
†Yes, I love Canada.  No, that doesn’t make me a bad American.


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