Let the Games Begin

I love the winter Olympics.  Have ever since 1980 and Lake Placid.  First of all, I like the winter sports a lot better than the summer ones.  This is kind of ironic, since I’m not a huge fan of winter itself.  Secondly, the winter games are a lot smaller and have a lot less hype than the summer ones.  Oh, they have hype and craziness, but not as bad as the summer games.  Plus, Olympic TV coverage provides prime knitting time.

So, I am really excited to see Vancouver get under way.  There is the added bonus this time around that it is right next door in Canada.  I stayed up to watch the opening ceremonies last night.  I thought they were great — not the huge spectacle of Beijing, but I didn’t think that was a bad thing.  There’s a really good summary article on them here (I know, I can’t believe I’m linking to a gossip magazine).  I think my favorite part was the “ballet on the fly wire” in the salute to the prairies section by Thomas Saulgrain (go to the NBC slideshow and click on picture 7).  I can’t find a video to link to on You Tube as the copyright seems really, really tight on it, as you can imagine.  Still photos don’t really do it justice and of course, you don’t get to hear Joni Mitchell with the stills.  The giant bear was pretty cool too, although those totem statues were kinda spooky.

Other random thoughts on the ceremonies and Olympic coverage:

  • Stop it with Lindsey Vonn.  I’m sure she’s a nice enough person, but enough already.  It’s the Olympics, not the Lindsey Vonn Show.
  • Real live Mounties!
  • We Are the World 25 has convinced me that I am definitely old for 2 reasons: a) I don’t recognize most of the performers and b) I really don’t like hip-hop or rap, even when it’s nice/benign/for a good cause.
  • Olympic commercials are cooler than Super Bowl commercials.
  • Everyone root for my sister’s friend Cat Raney!
  • Ski jumping looks neat — it must be kinda like flying.  When I was in Park City last summer I got to see the training/baby ski jump.  Love that it ends in a pool:

  • I WANT some of these mittens!  As a reward for nearing 10 pounds lost in my Biggest Loser program, I was considering getting a pair.  Alas, they are sold out and shipping to the US costs as much as the mittens.
  • Did I mention that Olympics are prime knitting time?  The first sock is finished!

  • It may be prime knitting time, but it’s not prime clean-the-house or do-the-taxes or grade-papers time, which is what I should be doing.  Oh well.  I’m imperfect and I still ♥ me.
  • Lady Jane is in training for the gold medal in the napping event.


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