Ah, Youth . . .

To misquote Bob Seger (and if you are quoting Bob Seger you may as well misquote):

Thirty years now
Where’d they go?
Thirty years now
I don’t know
Sit and I wonder sometimes
Where they’ve gone

[As an aside, does anyone else start to giggle uncontrollably whenever you hear this song on the radio and you get the visual for the line”Like a rock, chargin’ from the gate” and realize Bob needs to work on his mixed metaphors?]

Work in progress

A coworker is paying me to knit her a pair of wristlets/fingerless gloves because it is cold in her classroom.  The good news is it is worsted weight and a simple moss stitch rib so they are flying by after the socks!  Next up, a project for ME.

Note: For those of you tired of the Olympics or hockey, the Olympics are over on Sunday.  You’re stuck with the hockey anecdotes as evidenced by the fact that I still have that SI magazine above after 30 years (click here for an interesting factoid about the cover), but they will no doubt fade from prominence as winter does as well.  The walks down memory lane may only increase with my age.


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