Madness, of the April Variety

The NCAA final four basketball championship is in town this weekend. Things are hopping around here with a hometown team involved.  Lots of interest to see out and about.  I was downtown yesterday, tooling south on Meridian Street (Indy’s main north-south drag), and caught a glimpse of this going merrily by on a cross street.  There’s also an eye-catching art installation along the interstate to the suburbs.  However, in neither case was I in a position to take photos — driving kinda took precedence.

As an aside, I find it interesting (ironic?  that’s such a tricky word) that Indiana is basketball-obsessed, when it was invented by a Canadian, whereas I as a Hoosier don’t care much about basketball but love hockey, with which Canada is obsessed.  Go figure.

Other madness occurred in my basement, unfortunately.

That’s a brand new water heater.  The old one rusted out at the bottom and flooded the place.

Therefore the recovery experts have been, pulled up the carpet, left 8 loud blowers and a huge dehumidifer . . .

and most of the furniture in the garage.  I’m pretty sure the cat is convinced a huge monster is now residing in the basement, what with all the noise.

In knitting news, I’m making progress on the vest.

I really like the way the sides work.

However, I’ve been modifying it as I go along and the back, which was the first thing I did, is now too big and I’ll have to frog it.  Oh well, one step up and two steps back.  No, wait, that’s a Springsteen song.  I mean one step back, two steps forward . . . Right? . . .  Right?



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2 responses to “Madness, of the April Variety

  1. Jenny

    clearly you did not take the Peanutmobile picture sincer there are mountains in the background!

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