Shades of Patsy Cline

Yup.  Crazy.

Tomorrow is the last day of school for the kids and wild things have been going on:

  • The weiner-mobile showed up again, at the local Village Pantry.  This time I took a picture, but can’t get it from my new cell phone to my computer. Foiled again!
  • One of the kids was photographed wearing Groucho Marx glasses, but again with the cell phone pictures.
  • At dismissal today a fifth-grader stuck his head out the door and told the art teacher “I’m still rapping Van Gogh.”  Don’t ask.
  • It was “Clip a Custodian for Cancer” at recess today

And I actually finished some knitting — for myself!

The art teacher took this in her classroom and claimed it would make me look tall.  Hmmm.  At school I would wear this as a vest (no bare shoulders allowed).

At home I went for the  layered tank top look.  I took this using the self-timer on my camera, a la Michelle.  The shadows are meant to look . . . artistic.  Yeah, that’s it.  BTW, it may look heavy for a tank top, but it’s this wonderfully soft and light cotton/silk combo.

To recap:  Knitty’s Cheesylove in Misti Cotton (pima cotton/silk) color 440.



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2 responses to “Shades of Patsy Cline

  1. Looking good! Yours looks much nicer than the one at Knitty, IMHO.

  2. bookwoman67

    Speaking of crazy . . . looking back over my previous entries, I see it was not the Weiner-Mobile that I spotted around town earlier, but rather the Planter’s Peanut-Mobile. Weiner-Mobile, Peanut-Mobile, whatever, they’re both large strange moving objects.


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