Phone Success and More Knitting

I finally got the pictures from my phone.  Without a data cable I had to use the options AT&T provided, which limited me to sending it to Snapfish.  I much prefer flickr, but as one of my friends says, “AT&T is a monopolizer.”

So, although none of today’s pictures is of stellar quality . . .

Groucho Marx, Junior.

The Weiner-Mobile.  Interestingly, I caught the kid in the white t-shirt on the far right playing hookey.  (I was on my lunch break.)

And more knitting!

Lacy’s still trying to make me look tall.  Actually, I finished this before the orange tank top/vest.  It was just in the laundry when I took the previous post’s pictures.

It is Karen Stockton’s Grace from  Hers is in mohair, which makes me itchy and crazy, so I used another yarn in (theoretically) same weight but it’s a nylon/acrylic mix.  It came out less airy than hers, which I like less, but at least I can wear it without going nuts.

Now I must go take some brownies out of the oven for a teacher’s retirement lunch today.  Yesterday was the last day with kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And Saturday I’m getting on a plane for Salt Lake City.


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One response to “Phone Success and More Knitting

  1. School’s out already? We’ve got another 3 weeks here. So when are you coming to visit?

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