Thing’s I’ve Learned This Weekend

  • I still love airports but not so much the time actually spent on planes.
  • Salt Lake City has some serious altitude going on — 4330 feet.  The new slogan on the license plates is “Utah — Life Elevated.”
  • Those mountains still have the ability to leave me speechless.
  • Getting up at 5:30 am + two Dramamine + major altitude = 48 hours of major nap time.
  • SLC is sure different from Indy on Memorial Day Weekend.  You can actually watch the race live on TV, but the local news reported that NASCAR driver Tomas Scheckter got a speeding ticket for going 100 mph on the highway in Indy.  Um, NASCAR would be an entirely different set of drivers.
  • Taking one’s great digital camera on vacation helps little with blogging if one forgets the USB cable.
  • Utahns love their fry sauce.
  • My sister still has dial-up internet so blog posts will be intermittent.
  • Park City is still beautiful and fun.
  • Jenny’s still a great cook.
  • I’m having a great time!

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