Big Cottonwood Canyon and the Invasion of the Mad Bicyclists

USB cable secured . . . now for some real pictures.

 Yesterday we went up Big Cottonwood Canyon.  It’s up in the Wasatch Range to the southeast of Salt Lake and south of Park City.  State Highway 190, the road up there, is designated a Utah Scenic Byway.  It’s also a bit winding and steep, as you might suppose.  We went about halfway up and stopped at the Silver Fork Lodge for brunch.


There was some gorgeous scenery to be spotted from the deck where we ate.


And there are hummingbird feeders out all along the deck.  This little guy was at the very tip top of a huge evergreen tree.


After eating we drove up past the Solitude Ski Resort to the resort at Brighton, where the road ends in a loop.  On the way back down we stopped a couple of times for photos.  Brighton is at 8755 feet in elevation, and there is still snow up there.  It’s been in the nineties back home, and I’m out here getting my picture taken with snow at my feet!


And parts of the canyon are still closed for the winter at the end of May.


Big Cottonwood Creek is full of snow melt, fast, loud, and icy cold.  Smile, Jen!


In spite of the 4000+  foot climb in elevation we must have passed at least 30 bicyclists in the canyon, heading both up and down.  They are everywhere out here.  Over all I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw at least 50 all together yesterday.  It’s like some kind of alien invasion.  Funny, too, since it’s so hard to ride out here with all the climbs, and there’s so many fewer cyclists to spot in flat old Indiana.  This place is full of outdoor freaks and health nuts.  No wonder my sister likes it so much.  (For the record, she has 3 bikes herself.)

Today has been kind of a frittered away day.  It’s been rainy and in the sixties.  Jenny went in to work and I wasted some serious time.  Not much accomplished but some reading, dawdling in a bookstore, hanging out with the dog, and checking out the local yarn shop.  Didn’t even make it to the Family History Library.  Maybe Friday, while Jen’s working again . . .  At least the sun keeps coming out off and on this afternoon.  Maybe we can go for a walk when she gets home.  And what else is vacation for if not frittering?


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