Quick Photo Update

Just some quick photo uploads from my phone.

Park City is full of sculptures:

My sister usually has her eyes closed in pictures.  I didn’t know it also extended to the subjects of pictures she takes!

This guy startled me, lurking in a doorway alcove.  Moo.

Why I couldn’t be a doctor:

(The reading material on the shelves in my sister’s home office.)

Yesterday we went up Big Cottonwood Canyon to the Silver Fork Lodge for breakfast:

We ate out on the deck, then drove up the canyon to the top where the ski areas are. 

All pictures from my phone.  Jen’s gone in to work today, so I am hoping to run a couple of errands and go to the Family History Library downtown.  Hopefully by tonight I’ll have a USB cable and upload some of the “real” pictures I’ve been taking.


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