Take a Hike

So Friday I finally made it to the Family History Library.  Probably not much of interest except to anyone wanting to see my great grandfather’s World War I draft card.

Saturday we went for a hike.  We drove across the pass up at Park City and back down the east side of the Wasatch Mountains to the Heber Valley.  It’s very pretty over there, lots of rolling hills and much less abrupt transition from valley to mountains.  We went to Wasatch Mountain State Park and hiked up to a glacial scree field.  The hike was uphill (well, at least the first half) and followed a rushing stream.


Despite the difficulties (for a flatlander like me) of climbing at that altitude, we made it to the top.


The scree field turned out to be a bunch of boulders.   Lots of rocks.


Afterward we went and walked around an orchard created by some pioneer Mormons.  It had a house and a creamery.  The creamery looked a lot nicer than the house.  I guess the area was settled by a lot of Swiss pioneers as the architecture was very much of the alpine chalet type.


Sunday we didn’t do a lot.  Went to church, made pizza (I use the “we” loosely in reference to pizza making) and watched the hockey game.  Go Black Hawks!

 And since I’m hardly ever not knitting, I have a project almost finished.   I am using the Grownup Bonnet pattern from Tracey Ullman and Mel Clark’s book Knit 2 Together.  I have the book at home, but got it at the library here after I bought the yarn. 


I got the yarn at the Black Sheep Wool Company here.  It’s Berocco’s Cuzco, a wool/alpaca mix.


I’m altering the ribbing at the edge of the hood to a seed stitch pattern.  I’ve only got ten rows to go, so I might get to finish it tonight.


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