Stick a Fork in It

This seems to be a post full of things that are done.

Like . . .my basement!



The bonnet/hood I started in Salt Lake.

Yuck picture.  How come hoods / cowls always look better on models than real people like me?  (Okay, the indoor lighting and blurriness doesn’t do much for the photo either.  Move along, nothing to see here.)

A hot water bottle cover I was using up yarn stash on.

And a baby set for a friend who’s expecting.

Now, I ought to go work on cleaning out the garage.  Or tackle the home office mess.  But it is summer break and a beautiful day, so I think I’ll tackle a nap or reading or some more knitting instead.  When it comes to cleaning, like Scarlet says, “I’ll think about that tomorrow.”  Yeah, because of all the literary characters out there I so resemble Scarlet O’Hara, right?


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