UFO Attack

As in UnFinished Objects, of course.

I have been greatly motivated lately.  Summer is great.  I even did more yard work yesterday (three bug bites to prove it).  Also, I’ve thoroughly cleaned the kitchen, the bathroom, and the living room.  I cleaned out the garage, and the office/workroom.  In the reorganization process I “rediscovered” and decided to finish a lot of things sitting around waiting for the final touches.  Or in some cases, half the work.

A nice little coin purse.

The knitting was finished, I just needed to sew it up and put in the zipper.  I hate putting in zippers.

Billy Bob the Alien.

Billy Bob’s name just came to me.  For some reason it amuses me to give an alien a white trash name. (My apologies to any Billy Bob reading the blog. Uh-huh.  And any aliens, which is just as likely.)

I had started a baby quilt years ago.  Then I was going to finish it for Bella.  Who is almost two, so we see where that went.

Now I have one on hand to give to any special girl babies that show up in my vicinity.

A neat little needle point pillow.

I had finished the top six years ago.  It had been lying around in the closet since.

So it seems I’ve been in the mood to get some sewing done, which is a far more fleeting mood than the mood to knit.  While it lasts, I’m working on some quilting projects that have been languishing in the closet as well.  We’ll see how long the inspiration stays around.

Finally, a picture for Jen.

In my cleaning frenzy I dug out, cleaned, and put air in the tires of my old bike.  It’s nothing fancy.  I guess it’s pretty heavy, as bikes go.  I won’t be doing the Tour de France anytime soon.  But I did take it for a spin to the grocery and the library this morning, about four miles round trip.

And since it’s summer, I’ve gotten in some reading and a few naps too.


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  1. Sounds like a super productive summer so far! I bet Bella would love the quilt now. After all, two is hardly over the hill, and one can never have too many blankies.

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