Before and After

Makeover time.  I decided the lighter hair was washing me out and wasn’t really me so I went back to my original color.  New clothes, a general re-do of looks, and hopefully a better attitude for the upcoming school year.  Both pictures are indoor light, but you get the idea.



Enough of the narcissistic stuff.  Up next, actual knitting content.



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2 responses to “Before and After

  1. You look great! I love your natural colour and the new cut is very cute. Altogether very becoming. I guess you start school earlier down there. Our kids don’t go back until after Labour Day.

  2. Michelle Hay

    I like it… a lot!!! 🙂 And a picture of your new do, that’s not narcissistic! Look at me, I mean I post/take a picture of myself every single day… talk about narcissistic! 🙂

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