Random “What’s In the Camera?” Post

Okay, school started Tuesday last week and I’ve been slightly out of my head learning to do two people’s jobs with one person (little ol’ me).  Therefore I will just go to the camera and see what I’ve got . . .

Item one:  Cycling

Before school started, I had been doing a lot of bike riding along our great trail system.

One advantage of the dorky helmet is that you don’t have to fix your hair before you go out.

Our trail system features a lovely creek . . .

gazebo-filled parks . . .

and, of course, Indiana cornfields.

In the my-tax-dollars-at-work department, it also has . . .

the world’s most pretentious pedestrian bridge . . .

and this.  I almost fell off my bike laughing the first time I saw it.

Item two: The Indiana State Fair.

There was J. Seward Johnson’s “God Bless America” statue.

It’s a twenty-five foot tall version of American Gothic.

I could stow away to anywhere in this suitcase!  Ireland, Nova Scotia, London, Tahiti, Oz . . .

A factoid for all of us wool people.  Although the teacher in me wants to add the word “or” before “450 feet” and a comma after.  Just sayin’.

Item three:  Knitting?

I hope to finish Deb Barnhill’s Tesla scarf in Jojoland Melody tonight.  Although it will be a while before I wear it, given the weather around here.


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