“They Say It’s Your Birthday . . .”

(Is anyone else thrilled that the Beatles are finally on iTunes?)

So after lots of recent family ups and downs causing absence from the blogosphere, I am happy to have had a nice, relaxing, pleasant birthday.

But first, Indiana had to stick its nose in and require a trip to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

License plates renewed for another year.  Happy Birthday to Me.

On the other hand,

free Starbucks venti Vanilla Latte.  Happy Birthday to Me!

And from my darling sister,

a reminder that she will continue to find it amusing that no matter what else happens I will always be six years older.  Thanks Jen!

And finally, an nice dinner out with friends.

That’s four different decades, age-wise, covered right there — don’t feel compelled to guess which I’m in!


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  1. Happy Birthday! And many, many more.

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