Lost in Translation

I love words.  As a reader, librarian, and blogger, this is not really news.  But I will sometimes play around with words just for the sound of it or compose things in my head before speaking or writing.

All of which to say that as I was contemplating my recent reading material, the old proverb about judging a book by its cover leapt to mind.

(Mentioned by an old friend via snail mail recently, so I dug up a copy.)

So just for fun, I ran “You can’t judge a book by its cover” through Babel Fish from English to Korean and back again.  What I got was:  “You can’t in compliance with it handguard of the judge books.”  The internet — always good for amusement if nothing else.

And I am rather fond of this apple green cover . . .

on one of my favorite Christmas gifts.





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