Off to a Good Start

Halfway through January.

1.  The Christmas tree is stored in the basement under the stairs until next holiday season.

The old reliable throw-a-garbage-bag-over-it-and-stick-it-in-the-corner method makes it so much easier to deal with.  Included is my favorite new ornament, made by my dear friend Denise.

She used an old discarded library book I’d given her years ago to create it.

2.  I used up some leftover yarn on a scarf for my friend Anita.

One day at church she just happened to say “I’d like something cable-knit” in my hearing.

Just happened to.  Just by chance.  Right.

3.  I finally got around to making a hat for myself.

It’s Odessa (minus beads) in Rabbit Ridge Designs alpaca/merino/silk that my parents brought me from Alaska this summer.

Sooo soft and comfy.

4.  Her Highness has found a new spot on the back of the couch for the new year.

Guess all that knitting interferes with sitting on my lap.  She’s got the “We are not amused” look going.


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One response to “Off to a Good Start

  1. Lois Wright

    You make me sooooo jealous. I wish we could do that to our tree. I like the hat and the scarf. Oh, the cat is okay too!

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