Thinking Outside the Quadrilateral Parallelogram

Okay, so I needed a hat that doesn’t keep my head warm.  Sound strange?

My hair is short enough that I have bed-head pretty much every morning.  I wanted a hat I could wear to the gym to work out in that didn’t retain heat as I worked up a sweat, but that would hide the messed up hair so I don’t have to wash it both before and after working out.

First problem:  materials.  Wool definitely wouldn’t work.  Synthetics can be scratchy and don’t breathe very well.  Silk is a bit pricey.

Solution:  Araucania Ruca Multy.  The link gives a pretty good review of the yarn.  It’s made from sugarcane!

Second problem: it can’t be too thick and bulky.

Solution:  I cast on 112 stitches, did a K1,P1 rib for about an inch, then used an adaptation of the Cat’s Eye stitch from my Barbara Walker knitting pattern treasury.

Knit about 5.5″, reduce stitches (fairly) evenly at the top, and bind off.

Result:  The “No Sweat Hat.”  I like how it sits fairly high on my head.  It’s really light.

Now, if I could just muster up some extra motivation for the actual exercising!



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