Merrily Posting Randomly

It must be some kind of record, posting three days in a row.  Not that there is much order to this one.

Item One:  Spinning

I did finish my handful of fiber.  The color is much more accurate in the close-up.

That’s about 300 yards of a merino/alpaca mix.

Item Two:  Still Life By Feline

I came home one day a while ago to find the cat had arranged her prey on her new favorite toy just so.  Is she sharing the catnip scratcher with the mouse or using it as a dinner plate?

Item Three:  Leftover Chunky Yarn

When I was designing the smurf hats, I picked up a skein of blue Lion Brand Hometown USA.  I had thought to maybe use it as a trim or something.  On Saturday, before all this weather madness, I cast on and cranked out a pair of handwarmers instead.

They’re the Chunky Chunk Gloves and only took a couple of hours.

Item Four:  Return to Normalcy

Forget Warren Harding.  Can we just go back to work tomorrow?  Please?


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One response to “Merrily Posting Randomly

  1. Denise Hay

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I have decided it is pretty fun getting comments! Yes, I am taking my own pictures, but I certainly delete more than I save!
    Does Lady Jane’s toy have catnip in it? Cat heaven! See you tomorrow at school!

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