Am I Blue?

Lots of blue today.

The sun came out, the sky was blue, and things started to melt and drip.

Which is a little worrisome, as it hasn’t really climbed above freezing and is supposed to drop to 22F tonight.

If you look really closely, you can see little pieces of blue on my newly cleaned walk.

That would be the last little bit, the few remaining grains, of ice melt I had left.  You can’t find any around here for love or money.  The hardware store was supposed to get more in today, but by the time I got there after work they were out again, expecting more on Monday.

I’ve been wearing a blue scarf this week, that I finished near the end of January.

I’m calling it the Hydrostone Scarf.  The yarn was from a bin of Fleece Artist “reject”/leftover yarn at the LK Yarns in the Hydrostone district of Halifax. I found it when I was there in 2007. It didn’t have a ball band so I’m not sure what the exact fiber content is, but I loved the colors.

It’s DK weight knit on #8 needles in the Traveling Ribbed Eyelet pattern from the Barbara Walker treasury and it blocked out beautifully.

And the #8 needles I knitted it on?

Not blue, but ebony Lantern Moons I got for Christmas.  Wonderful stuff, those.


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  1. 2007. Was it that long ago already? I remember our visit to L.K. Yarns. Outstanding shop that one. That yarn has been well-marinated in the stash! The scarf is gorgeous. The ebony needles are beautiful, too.

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