I Don’t Remember Asking for More . . .

Snow, that is.

After shoveling the ice off the walk yesterday, I woke up to this on my steps this morning:

And it kept coming down.  About five minutes after shoveling, snow was starting to cover the steps again.

It was coming down as these hard, round balls rather than fluffy flakes.  Anyway, it’s finally stopped and there’s another couple of inches to shovel, but it will wait.

In the realm of knitting, I don’t have any new pictures, so some photos from my pictures stash. Christmas gifts.

I knit my mom a cardigan, Sonnet by Kristi Porter.  I’m still waiting for her to model the finished product for the camera (hint, hint).

For Lacy, the Illusion Backpack from Vicki Howell’s New Knits on the Block.

It doesn’t show the frog shadow very well unless you squint at the absolutely perfect angle.

But I did line it.

And for Beautiful Bella . . .

a superhero cape!  Not knit, but in paisley, of course.



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One response to “I Don’t Remember Asking for More . . .

  1. Denise Hay

    I can just see Bella in that cape! She will probably want to wear it to bed. So, are you tired of shoveling?

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