Hugs for Mugs

Sounds rather Seussical, doesn’t it?

My friend Holly got me this neat Starbuck’s mug for my birthday.

But there’s nothing that can’t be improved by knitting, right?

That’s a mug hugger (hugger-mugger?) knitted in the Debbie Bliss Donegal Chunky Tweed left over from the Borealis Moebius wrap.  [Pictures of that to come when I get it photographed while modeled.]

So I was telling Holly and Lacy about my improvement and Lacy said that she thought all mugs should come with knitted wraps.

Guess what they both got for Valentine’s Day?

Next up:

An experiment with all those annoying little yarn scraps you just don’t want to throw away but can’t really knit anything significant from.



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2 responses to “Hugs for Mugs

  1. Denise Hay

    Since we had to walk to church in the sleet this morning, and I couldn’t find any gloves, I dug deep in this basket and guess what I found? My lost rust-colored, warm woolen mittens! How have I managed to get through most of the winter without them?

  2. That’s a great use for little oddments of yarn AND buttons!

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